Veduta Elena Nikolaevna

Economist - mathematician. She graduated with honors from the economic faculty of Moscow State University (1973). Ph. D. in Economics (1980). Doctor of Economic Sciences (1998). Professor (2001), Deputy Head of the Chair "Economic Policy" at Philosophy Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, professor for "Strategic management and economic policy" and Deputy Scientific supervisor of the same academic program (2003). Laureate of competition for the best support the educational process at G.V. Plekhanov Academy of National Economy (2003). At that time Dr. E. N. Veduta is Professor for "Strategic management and economic policy", "Economic Policy", "Strategic Planning" at the Philosophical Faculty and for "National economic policies and national accounts for Strategic Planning" at the economic faculty MSU. She is also Head of laboratory "Strategic challenges of a market economy" at the RAS Institute of Market Problems, (2003).

Research interests: economic cybernetics, political economy, strategy and economic policy of the State, strategic planning, national economic development, economic security, inter-state economic integration. Her works are synthesized knowledge in the field of political science and economics as a new scientific direction strategy and economic policy of the State.

Topic of Ph.D. thesis: "Integration of natural and value indicators in the input-output tables”. Subject next doctoral thesis: "The state's economic strategy: the transformation of priorities and mechanisms for their implementation." She was scientific adviser of 5 theses in the field of economic sciences.

She has published over 60 scientific papers. Author of monographs "The economic security of Russia", published in 1997 and "National economic policies", published in 1998, as well as the textbook "The strategy and economic policy of the State", 2003.